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We can instruct you on how to determine whether the bamboo cladding is suitable for use of 3-5 years or long-term use of over 25 years before installation.

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ANOS® has unreservedly organizes all internal information to help you avoid losses, hoping that our peers will never find this page.

What Our Clients Say

Ketty Brown
Ketty Brown
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This tips & guides are really useful!! I successfully identified the samples in my hand using the testing methods provided here! I am really, really grateful to ANOS for compiling this PDF!
Nick Jason
Nick Jason
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I was not very knowledgeable about identifying bamboo decking. But after reading the PDF from ANOS®, I became more confident in my understanding and was able to better promote the product, leading to better sales.
Robert Crown
Robert Crown
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I had so many questions about bamboo decking, but ANOS®'s PDF answered them all. It was a lifesaver and I am grateful for the guidance it provided.
Clara Green
Clara Green
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I was initially unsure about bamboo decking, but after reading the information from ANOS® I was convinced it was the right choice for my outdoor space. This PDF was very helpful.

Why choose anos®

25 Years Warranty

We promise free replacements of outdoor panel for any quality issues after installation, giving customers peace of mind and promoting wider adoption of our products.

Faster To Install

On average, ANOS® bamboo cladding can be installed up to 30%-45% faster than traditional wood panel, saving time and labor costs.

Better Value

By switching from hardwood to bamboo products, builders can save significantly on material costs alone.

Bamboo Cladding Factory

We create  outdoor and indoor Class-A fire resistant, dimensionally stable bamboo cladding. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our skilled craftsmen use only the finest materials to produce durable and long-lasting bamboo products for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Location

Welcome to our bamboo siding factory located in Sanming, Fujian. We specialize in producing first class bamboo decking products for various applications. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

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