Bamboo Decking Board Extremely Hard Outdoor

Color: Dark Brown

Surface: Small Wave Bamboo Decking Board

Finish: Woca oil all sides

Size: 1860*139*20mm  (7.3+’ X 5.4+” X3/4+” )  / Custom

Additional information

Product No.



1860mm, 2000mm


139 mm


18mm, 20mm, 30mm, 45mm, Custom

Product Details:

High Density Bamboo Decking Board -Small Wave

ANOS® fused bamboo decking board products are first Class, dimensionally stable, will not warp or buckle, and are easy to install. We have made unique technical upgrades to the deckings on anti-mold and anti-corrosion performance.
ANOS® bamboo decking boards are very suitable for commercial or residential backyards, terraces, plazas and poolsides. These deckings also performed perfectly on uneven surfaces.

Natural Appearance

The natural and beautiful appearance of bamboo decking is comparable to hardwood, and it is even more eco-friendly and durable than hardwood. Bamboo decking is very stable, and you know the great advantage of stability is that almost all decking designs can be achieved with bamboo decking products. Now, exterior bamboo decks are a favourite of homeowners and building designers because the stability of bamboo can provide them with more inspiration.

The small groove surface design is one of the hot-selling styles, it with deep carbonization treatment and grooved sides which can be well fixed by invisible clips. There is a 5mm gap between the two boards which is convenient for drainage.



Technical Specifications
Density ≥1.20g/cm3
Moisture Content: 8-12%
Structure Strand Woven Bamboo
Breaking strength (EN1533) 3.13KN,400mm
Biological durability(EN335) Class 4
Reaction to fire(EN ISO 10456) B-s1,d0
Resistance to termite Grade 8
Formaldehyde Emission (EN717-2) E1-E0
Width expansion ratio (4 hrs circulating boiled) ≤1%
Thickness expansion ratio (4 hrs circulating boiled) ≤5%
Certification ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,SGS,CE,FSC
Warranty 30 years structural guarantee


  • Stability : ANOS® bamboo deckings are dimensionally stable, will not warp, crack or shrink/expand to the extent that most other decking products tend to.
  • Application: balcony, terrace, gazebo, patio, school, hospital,garden, park,square,hotel,engineer project,outdoor application.
  • Installation: Fasteners or Face Screw.

Very easy to install even on uneven surfaces such as cracked concrete patios. Download installation tutorials.

  • Maintenance:
    The bamboo decking planks are a light brown or dark brown colour when installed.
    Without further maintenance, the colour will gradually turn grey over time , creating an attractive natural look .
    If the original color is preferred, maintenance should be carried out with oil such as WOCA. Download maintenance tutorials.

Outdoor bamboo decking originated in China, and the factories of world-renowned bamboo decking companies are all in China.

It’s a good chance for you to have a reliable manufacturer to work with. ANOS® will never let you down.

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