Outdoor Bamboo Wall Cladding Fire Proof Light Brown

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Product Name: Light Brown Bamboo Wall Cladding
Material: Bamboo
Construction: Strand Woven Bamboo
Brand Name: ANOS®

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1860mm, 2000mm


100 mm, 103 mm, 139 mm


10 mm, 12 mm, 18mm, 8 mm, Custom

Product Details:

Outdoor Bamboo Wall Cladding Fire Proof Light Brown

Color: Light Brown

Package: Pallet

Dimensions: Shown as below

Installation: Fixed with screws

The bamboo wall panels are a Light brown or dark brown colour when installed.
Without further maintenance, the colour will gradually turn grey over time , creating an attractive natural look .
If the original color is preferred, maintenance should be carried out with oil such as WOCA. More details,kindly visit our website at http://www.anosbamboo.com

Stability : ANOS® bamboo decking will not warp, crack or shrink/expand to the extent that most other decking products tend to.


Benefits of ANOS® bamboo wall cladding:

Durability: Bamboo is known for its durability and strength, making it a long-lasting and low-maintenance option for wall panels. ANOS® bamboo wall panels are resistant to moisture, insects, cracking, mold, and rot, ensuring that they remain in good condition for many years.

Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is a highly sustainable material, as it is fast-growing and can be harvested without harming the environment. ANOS® bamboo wall panels are made from renewable bamboo resources and are manufactured using environmentally-friendly processes, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Aesthetics: ANOS® bamboo wall panels come in a range of colors and styles, allowing for a wide range of design options. Bamboo’s natural beauty and unique patterns can add warmth and character to any place, making it a popular choice among designers and architects.

Easy Installation: ANOS® bamboo wall panels are designed for easy installation, with interlocking systems that allow for quick and easy installation. This can save time and money, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Low-Maintenance: ANOS® bamboo wall panels are easy to clean and maintain.


Technical Specifications
Density ≥1.20g/cm3
Moisture Content: 8-12%
Structure Strand Woven Bamboo
Breaking strength (EN1533) 3.13KN,400mm
Biological durability(EN335) Class 4
Reaction to fire(EN ISO 10456) B-s1,d0
Resistance to termite Grade 8
Formaldehyde Emission (EN717-2) E1-E0
Width expansion rate of water absorbing (water boiling within 4 hrs) ≤1%
Thickness expansion rate of water absorbing(water boiling within 4hrs) ≤5%
Certification ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,SGS,CE,FSC
Warranty 25 years structural guarantee







1.Q:Where is your company?    
A: Our company is located in Sanming city, Fujian province, China.

2.Q:Do you have any other specifications?    
A: Yes, of course . We could customize for you as your requirement  .

3.Q: Can I get some samples?    
A: Yes, We are glad to offer you samples for quality inspection.
New clients are expected to pay for the delivery cost , this charge will be deducted from the payment of formal order.

4. Q: What about the delivery time?    
A: It usually takes approx. 30-35 days to process the bulk .

5.Q: Is OEM available?    
A: Yes, OEM is available, all products can be customized to meet your demand.

6.Q:May I visit your factory for insepction before placing the order?    
A: Warmly welcome to visit our factory anytime . Please let us know your schedule in advance so that we can book hotel and arrange pick you up at the airport.


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