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How ANOS® Bamboo Surpasses Other Strand Woven Bamboo ?

Not All Strand Woven Bamboo Decking Is Created Equal

Bamboo decking has become a popular alternative to traditional wood decking due to its eco-friendliness and durability.  However, not all strand woven bamboo decking is created equal. From careful selection of raw materials to optimized production processes and strict quality control, ANOS® Bamboo Decking stands out among other options, offering superior quality and performance.

1,Best raw materials carefully chosen.

  • Selecting the most suitable parts of the bamboo plant(Only bamboo with a harvest age of more than 5 years)
  • Making sure all the strips are completely free of skin
  • Establishing the perfect width for the bamboo strips
  • Improve the crushing process

Why do we have exceptionally strict control over the raw materials?

We need to have exceptionally strict control over the raw materials because it directly affects the stability of the final product.

Many manufacturers may cut corners during the selection process, settling only for “qualified” materials, but we have optimized our selection process to ensure the best quality raw materials.

For example, we ensure that the bamboo strips are completely devoid of outer and inner skin, which is tough and smooth and can make it difficult for them to absorb phenolic resin. We also optimize the crushing technique to ensure that the bamboo strips are finely crushed, thereby increasing the surface area accessible to the phenolic resin by 3-5 times compared to bamboo strips that have not been finely crushed. This allows for the removal of more sugars, starches, and nutrients from the bamboo and improves the binding of the phenolic resin.

2, Optimizing and controlling the moisture content balance at each production step.

Why is balancing the moisture content of the raw materials so important?

Optimizing and controlling the moisture content balance at each production step is crucial to ensure the quality of the final product. Balanced moisture content directly affects the integration effect with phenolic resin, which is a key factor in determining the product’s stability and durability. Without excellent control, products with poor integration can easily deform, crack, and have unstable dimensions, leading to a shorter lifespan and decreased customer satisfaction. Therefore, strict control over moisture content balance is necessary to ensure the highest quality and performance of the product.

3, High-quality, environmentally-friendly phenolic resin with optimal concentration.

4,Control of the optimal compression and heating process steps.

5, Releasing the stress in the bamboo decking before cutting.

It is crucial to ensure that the stress in the bamboo board is fully released before cutting to prevent warping and deformation of the final product. Unfortunately, many suppliers tend to overlook this critical step either because they lack the necessary understanding of its significance or due to insufficient equipment and processes. As a result, residual stress may remain in the bamboo board, which can cause undesirable changes in shape or dimensions after cutting, ultimately affecting the product’s quality and performance.

Why ANOS® Bamboo Decking Surpasses Other Strand Woven Bamboo?

A high MOE score indicates that ANOS® bamboo decking is difficult to bend and break. Its high density means that it is resistant to weakening. ANOS® bamboo decking maintains its structural integrity and will not experience sagging or drooping between joists even when exposed to high temperatures from the sun. This is a particular concern with composite decking products, especially those that are heavily blended with plastics. The difference in durability between a “standard” and “excellent” rating can be significant over the lifespan of the product.

1,High Dencity

ANOS® Duracore bamboo decking, in particular, boasts an impressively high density of 1.2-1.3g/cm³, compared to the average density of around 1.1g/cm³ for regular strand woven bamboo decking.

Compared to traditional laminated bamboo and most types of wood, the ANOS® Duracore bamboo decking has a hardness rating that is unparalleled.This means that when you hit or drop a hard and heavy object onto the ANOS® Duracore decking, there is hardly any indentation or damage.

2, High Stability

Stability is a key characteristic of ANOS® Duracore bamboo due to its excellent resistance to moisture absorption and expansion, enabling it to maintain structural integrity over time even in extremely unfriendly environments.

ANOS® Duracore bamboo decking offers excellent stability compared to standard Strand Woven Bamboo.

Natural bamboo, like wood, will expand and contract with changes in humidity, which can lead to warping, twisting, and other structural problems in the long term.

However, ANOS® Duracore has improved the stability of its final products through continuous efforts to optimize every aspect of production, including refining processing methods and advancing technological innovations.

As a result, ANOS® Duracore bamboo decking maintains its shape and size over time, ensuring a consistent and attractive appearance for many years to come.

While it can be difficult to distinguish high-quality and inferior bamboo decking by simply examining a sample, However, ANOS® provides a comprehensive testing process to assist clients in evaluating the stability and quality of their products.

3, Harsh Weather-resistant

ANOS® Duracore bamboo decking has a high level of weather resistance and can even withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.

ANOS® Duracore outdoor decking boasts high density and excellent stability, achieved through a production process that involves filling the bamboo with mineral treatment to further enhance its stability and durability. This results in ANOS® Duracore bamboo decking’s ability to resist expansion and contraction, even in extreme hot or cold environments, without cracking or warping.

4, Corrosion resistant

ANOS® Duracore bamboo decking is highly resistant to rot and decay. Unlike other types of decking materials, which can become waterlogged and begin to rot over time.

The product’s strong corrosion resistance is backed up by robust test reports, proving its ability to maintain its structural integrity and resist decay over prolonged periods.

ANOS® Duracore bamboo decking stands out among other strand woven bamboo decking options due to its superior raw materials selection, optimized production processes, and strict quality control.

Its high density, stability, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance make it a highly durable and attractive decking option for outdoor use.

By prioritizing quality and innovation, ANOS® will provide customers with a product that exceeds expectations and delivers long-lasting value.

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